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Our skippers are mostly all young, but experienced professionals. We strive to perfection with our skipper service, and we are proud of our team.  As some of us managers in the company are also skippers (older and more experienced), we tend to choose only the best young guys for the job, and only the ones we know personally.

Skipper is not just a driver, but a guide and your friend on board.

It is obligatory that a guest pays for the skipper's food.

Usually, when you treat a skipper as a friend, he eats the same food guests eat, which means he or she goes to restaurants with you. If the guests want some privacy, or speak another language which makes the situation on the dinner table awkward, than the skipper would eat in some other restaurant and bring you the bill, or you can simply give him 30€ for dinner, so he can go and have a decent meal somewhere else.

The cost of the skipper is from 120€ per day to 150€ per day, depending on the size of the boat, and the time of the season.

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