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Plan your expenses

To make sure your sailing vacation starts smoothly we want to give you a heads-up about all the costs that are NOT included in our priceswhen you book a yacht.

These costs start from the moment you sail out of the starting marina.

These are a few standard extra costs that you will have to cover during your sailng journey:

  •  port fees
  •  fuel
  •  entrance to National Parks and other sightseeing attractions


depend on the size of the boat, and they vary slightly from port to port.  You don’t have to go to port or marina every night, but due to the fact that boat needs to refill it’s water tanks and get some electricity to recharge the batteries, and taking weather and safety into consideration, you should count on 3-4 nights in the port in one week.

So, for a 40 foot sailing boat, a night in the port with water and electricity will cost you from 50€ to 100€ per night, depending on the time of the year and a particular port.  50+ feet sailing boat up to 140€ per night.

For a catamaran the cost is multiplied by 1.5. So, from 100€ to 180€ per night depending on the size.

Also, in some ports there are buoys, and anchoring is practically not allowed, and there you will pay about 30€ per night on a buoy.

In addition, it is important to mention that some ports in Croatia accept reservations in advance, and some ports allow docking only with reservation in high season (Hvar city port and Korcula ACI marina). So, in towns like Hvar, Vis, Komiza, Starigrad, Korcula you can only dock with extra tip, a 'reservation fee' in marina which go from 300 HRK to 1000 HRK (for Hvar town).

So, roughly all together, you should plan on spending additional amount of at least 300€ for a sailing boat, up to 1000€ for a bigger catamaran. Please note, this amounts are not true for yachts and catamarans bigger than 50 ft. Usually these bigger yachts and catamarans have A.P.A. (Advance provisioning allowance) where you as a client will be asked to pay A.P.A. in advance and the captain will handle and use the A.P.A. for port fees, fuel, food and all other extra expenses.


The same system like the one you can find in any rent-a-car-service is incorporated in our yacht charter service. You are provided a yacht or a catamaran with full fuel tanks, and the same way it should be returned.

Now, the usual weekly consumption for a sailing boat is from 100€ - 250€ , and from 150€ - 400€ for a catamaran. Motor yachts tend to spend a lot more fuel. In general, it depends on the size of the boat and it’s engines.

Entrance to National Parks and other sightseeing attractions

Kornati national park, Krka waterfalls, Lastovo island, Mljet National Park are all protected and preserved areas where an additional entrance fee is applied. In general, the price is about 15€ per person.

Blue Cave on the island Bisevo has 50 HRK (about 7€) per person entrance fee.

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